The Week, The Year that Followed

THE WEEK The first voice I hear when I come to after a 45 minute break from a new reality I was meant to face, is the voice of a plainspoken woman. She is entreating God. She has the singular advantage of saying a supplication without subtlety or evasion. She also, as matter of the … Continue reading The Week, The Year that Followed





You’re crazy,
You’re a misfit,
You’re a trouble maker
You’re a rebel!
You’re a round peg in a square hole…
You see things differently
You’re not fond of rules
And you have no respect for the status quo


You can be praised
Disagreed with
But you cannot be ignored!
You change things!


You are pushy without being a bully
You are flawed and absolutely perfect
You curse like a sailor!
And say please, excuse me… like a saint…
You are immensely flawed, but absolutely perfect!

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Relics From The Past

Boys fight. They always do. They fight about anything. Girls, football, territories, respect. The way boys grow is by learning to square it out amongst themselves in times when dialogue is not an option and from there they learn to respect each other and to keep to each one's lanes. That is the rule of the streets when it comes to boys. Girls gossip about it and they go full on cold wars. The streets are filled with thousands and thousands of girls that stopped talking to each other when Father Abraham was a boy because of the one girl that didn't tell the other she had a pretty dress. But boys, they say it to other boys' faces. Then one of those boys throws a fist on the other's face and with that world wars begin and the other boys cheer, by the end of the fights, the one with ripped shorts or bleeding gums is the loser.