I missed generation X by a whisker. It may not be a whisker to you, but in my standards it is just that a whisker. At nine years, I was in primary four, I was lured to join a club they called 4K club. I was not exactly lured. We may as well say that … Continue reading ZERO TO A HUNDRED-REAL FAST.



If you walk to the west fast enough from Eldoret town you will get to a place called Moi's Bridge. A small town. We could call it a Metropolis. You will see truck drivers and people selling maize in yellow buckets. Boiled maize. They carry with them small improvised salt shakers. There is no way … Continue reading THE NIGHT CHASER OF THE CITY.


A gray blotch of beard shrubs spread on his chin.Those little lonely things are squatting.Like they don't belong there.They have built a small place to hide their legs because they don't own the place.It is funny how your beard can refuse to own the only  place they are supposed to grow on.They end up looking like an abandoned village.Your chin looks like a place people are getting out of.There is no life.There is no habitation. They can't connect.The hairs are not willing to join hands.In these days  of people worshiping lash lawns  of hair on people's faces, that is a hard thing to deal with.But men,many of them have these shrubs on their faces.They brave the harsh world that is ready to judge them based on the amount of beard on them.They go out and make the best out of a beardless chin.A man must not be defined by a small collection of hair on his face right? His is dotted with chunks of black.There are others that are still debating on whether they should get old or not.They are not done being black.Age is just toying with them.Then there are his three or four strands of what can be called a mustache chiding his upper lip recklessly.They curve upwards on either ends of his lips.They look unbothered by what is happening around them,They don't belong to the unholy union at display on the other side of the chin.They are their own hair and nobody defines them.We need to stop there because I cannot describe a man's beard past this point.You might stop reading and swear that you will never come hear to listen to my boring stories.Stories  told about men's facial hair.You might discuss this on your WhatsAspp groups.