Growth is a never ending process,strive to grow daily – Glidde Trainers Growth can be defined as the process of increasing, meaning it is continuous.Growth is also so diverse and therefore, it needs one to strike a balance across its different facets. Some of the areas of growth in a person include:-Emotional growth -Physical growth … Continue reading GROWTH -THE NEVER ENDING PROCESS

Relics From The Past

Boys fight. They always do. They fight about anything. Girls, football, territories, respect. The way boys grow is by learning to square it out amongst themselves in times when dialogue is not an option and from there they learn to respect each other and to keep to each one's lanes. That is the rule of the streets when it comes to boys. Girls gossip about it and they go full on cold wars. The streets are filled with thousands and thousands of girls that stopped talking to each other when Father Abraham was a boy because of the one girl that didn't tell the other she had a pretty dress. But boys, they say it to other boys' faces. Then one of those boys throws a fist on the other's face and with that world wars begin and the other boys cheer, by the end of the fights, the one with ripped shorts or bleeding gums is the loser.