She looked at what I had written.She scoffed. She wanted to ask questions.Maybe questions about TEA.I love TEA questions. I live for days people will ask me the chemical formula of TEA. The group number of TEA in the periodic table. The rate of reaction of TEA with Potassium. The number of electrons in the outermost shell of a TEA atom. Whether TEA is a good  conductor of heat. How TEA reacts with Oxygen. Why is TEA in group eight and not group seven despite having seven electrons in the outermost shell.But all people ask me is 'why do you love TEA so much?' and that is an offensive question. It is like asking people,why they breath so much. Balderdash!



I think we heard crickets.It must have been their choir practice day. They chirped off key. I know squat about music,but I know their choir master was pissed off. I know this because the way those crickets sung, that is not a way you want your choir to sing.Unless you want it so sing at the wedding of your ex.To remind them who is better. It is a difficult thing to be a cricket choir master and on practice day your choir sings like a bunch of morons.Life! When there is a live audience.


The problem with many of you, you postpone happiness,as if it something that you are afraid of spending,Like money,maybe you think it is something you will run out of when you spend so much.That is hypocrisy.You spend acres of days and time chasing happiness but you rarely spend it. Where and when do you think you will have a break in life to enjoy your happiness the one you restrain yourself from? I sit here and enjoy smoking my tobacco. I don't know whether it will kill me one day.But do I fail to light one daily? No.Because I will die anyway. And when I am dead, I will not be happy.So what is the point of being afraid of enjoying  this life while I am guaranteed I will not be happy in  death?


There is no guilt if self actualization.there is only peace and purpose.Many people live through things they no longer are attached to. Friendships,marriages, faiths, religions name them, they refuse to live their best lives now hoping that one day they will taste something better.Something that has a better taste than boiled cabbage,so they remain glued to things that died a long time ago.That person is not me.


Gosh! Let me admit something. Wait, before that, let me say something about libraries. Libraries are good places. You can be silent and people will not take offense. You can yawn until you cry  and people will not say you were not taught manners in lower primary. In library, you will laugh silently and people … Continue reading GOSH